Theme development for deGov Drupal profile

about project

About the project

deGov is the first Drupal distribution focussing on the needs of (German) governmental organizations. The project is a Drupal 8-based open source theme for websites using the deGov Drupal 8 install profile. It uses Lightning media as a basis and extends it with valuable functions to meet the use cases for different scenarios, including websites for governmental organizations from all levels, service-oriented E-Government portals, citizen engagement portals and more.

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What we did

Our key result is the development of the main profile theme. The theme implementation is fully custom and based on Bootstrap 4.5.

New features implemented:
Behat testing
added the functionality to ensure the deGov profile works right after the installation and shows the key theme features

Technologies we used

Bootstrap 4 Drupal 8 Behat Webpack Twig