Search tool and migration for a data portal

about project

About the project

PRC Macro is a US Investment consultancy that provides people with a comprehensive qualitative framework for understanding political, economic, and social trends that drive the macro policy agenda. The previous platform handling this project was run by custom CMS. The resource provided reviews of economic news and offered an analytic repository on a paid basis. iTech4web expanded the overall functionality of the platform by developing a search tool that enables users to explore the database in an instant.

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What we did

As the resource provides reviews of economic news and offers a subscription-based analytic repository, we had to improve the quality of user experience for the overall website.
We migrated more than 20,000 content nodes, with their images and their meta-information, from the client’s custom CMS to Drupal 7 using a migration module. We also migrated over 1,000 users.

New features implemented:
Developed a full-text document search system entirely from scratch
Integration with SendGrid e-mailing platform

Technologies we used

Views Drupal 7 Solr SendGrid Drupal Panels