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Media Publishing Platform

Case Study
Media Publishing Platform

About the project

Media publishing system with the ability to moderate, publish and syndicate content to a different platform within the client's ecosystem. The platform uses a single sign-on interface to allow users to sign in from different devices to the media publishing platform. Content distribution was provided via Drupal REST API. iTech4web expanded the overall capabilities of the DrupAl 8 workbench module to enable moderation of content and trigger different actions between moderation transitions; such as sending emails and creating on-site notifications, or sending SMS notifications.

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Media Publishing Platform

What we did

We migrated more than 200,000 content nodes with their images and meta-information from the client's custom CMS to Drupal 8 using a migrate module. We migrated over 30,000 users and improved the Drupal core Media library experience.

New features implemented:
  • Provided Drupal Media and Claudinary integration for faster image processing
  • Setup a content moderation workflow with a custom plugins system to trigger different notifications
  • Configured the platform’s user interface for editors to manage their content
  • Single sign-on API client

Technologies we used

Views Image browser REST API JavaScript AJAX Drupal 8 Media
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