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Learning Management Systems

Case Study
Learning Management Systems

About the project

iTechWeb has worked on several LMS projects: 

  1. Quiz builder using Drupal 8 
  2. CMS for creating and maintaining online course 
  3. An online tool for employee assessment with the ability to group results categories and export quiz results to PDF files
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Learning Management Systems

What we did

We created a web tool that employees of various companies can use to take personality and career assessments and developed several features for other LMS projects.

New features implemented:
  • custom REST API Endpoints for QUIZ entities, setup the CI
  • added the ability to add the HTML description at the top a bottom of the Video
  • added the possibility to add a text description to the courses
  • added the ability to manage questionnaires inside the company
  • enabled the export of quiz results to PDF

Technologies we used

Quiz5 Drupal 8 HTML&CSS PHP REST API JavaScript
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