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JIRA-like project board and TeamTailor to Drupal migration

Case Study
JIRA-like project board and TeamTailor to Drupal migration

About the project

The project aims to improve the quality of candidate selection. There are currently thousands of platforms that can substitute the hiring process. As a result, the number of suitable candidates is constantly growing...and so does the time and cost of processing them. Many companies use different platform processing tools but providing multiple solutions for the hiring process remains unprofitable: paying for a new tool for each platform is simply impractical. Our task was to unite information from multiple, different platforms into a single environment (database).

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JIRA-like project board and TeamTailor to Drupal migration

What we did

One of the first platforms for migration was the TeamTailor service. We implemented the Drupal custom migration JSON plugin which migrated candidates from TeamTailor to Drupal entities with followed saving data to Neo4j Graph Data Platform. We then had to create a layer between the database and the API for different platforms to ensure that our solution would work. In this case, we opted for Drupal as a content management framework (CMF).

New features implemented:
  • A candidates migration from TeamTailor REST API to the Drupal database using a Drupal migration with a custom JSON source plugin;
  • JIRA-like dashboard with possibility to drug-and-drop the candidate in a columns and saving the new candidate workflow state in database;
  • Synchronising the Drupal and Neo4j databases during the dashboard and candidate operations.

Technologies we used

Drupal 9 Views Bootstrap 5 Neo4j
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