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Crowdfunding platform migration from Wordpress for

Case Study
Crowdfunding platform migration from Wordpress for

About the project

Web-based crowdfunding platform. The previous platform which was handling the crowdfunding project was assembled on top of a WordPress engine and IgnitionDeck plugin. The growing number of platform users and owner requirements meant that the existing tech stack was no longer suitable for managing projects, rewards, marketing materials, and e-commerce. We decided to move the project to a new, scalable and easily maintainable platform; using Drupal 8 with Commerce 2 under the hood.

Project URL:

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Crowdfunding platform migration from Wordpress for

What we did

We migrated more than 10,000 users and over 3,000 projects from WordPress to Drupal 8, along with their contributions data.

New features implemented:
  • Ability to construct pages using predefined components
  • Statistics about project contributions
  • New feature: tips for coaches
  • Project approval workflow processes
  • Stripe connect payment gateway

Technologies we used

Drupal 9 Views Vuejs jQuery JavaScript Drupal Panels Stripe
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