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about project

About the project

Great Album is a startup-company-slash-website designed to help people bring memories back to life and better share those experiences with others. It fills a gap present in most media-holding platforms like Google Photos, Flickr, or Dropbox. It allows families to organize their media based on who can get access or who they want to share it with. The platform brings in photos from Google and Apple but leaves the originals there.

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What we did

iTech4Web integrated Google Photos into the client's Drupal platform and developed an API capable of importing 50,000 pictures or hundred-picture clusters based on an event that has taken place in a users life. Our team built a module that could identify those clusters, create albums, and sort media based on the major events they represent.
We also did the cleanup in DevOps processes, which in turn made the website more stable and ready to scale.

Technologies we used

Drupal 8 Google Photo API