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Nivo slider API [Drupal 7]


Nivo slider API theme - is a developer theme to easy construct and output
the new nivo slider instance. It hasn't any UI, so you are responsible to
creating and outputting the slider.


For usage example see nivo_slider_api_test() (/nivo-slider-api-test)
In short: use theme "nivo_slider_api" as usually to render slider.
To create theme which support nivo slider callbacks see 'simplejstheme' theme


* Support javascript in slider themes!
You can use nivo slider callbacks like 'beforeChange', 'afterChange' etc.
to make some changes in in your slider theme. see 'simplejstheme' theme
* Multi instances. You be able to generate different slider on one page
* Fully customisable


1. Download and copy nivo-slider library (3.1). It can be found here

The slider library must be placed here:
So, the full path to .js file is
2. Copy module and enable as usually
3. Finish! Use theme 'nivo_slider_api' in your code.


nivo-slider library 3.1

Why 3.1? it work well with jQuery 1.4.4 without any updates.